XTREME Glute Strap - ADJUSTABLE- #1 GLUTE RESULTS-GUARANTEED- helps Tone, Lift, Shape and Strengthen Exercise Accessory for Gym, Home, Outdoors- YOUTUBE VIDEOS available "Glute Strap" Tutorials

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Manufacturer Description

Is it Possible for the XTREME Glute Strap to be the Most Comfortable, Effective Butt Strengthening, Butt Toning and Butt Building Exercise Accessory for Sale on Amazon? - "Not only did the XTREME glute strap live up to the hype and expectations in terms of effectiveness and activation, I can say without hesitation, the customer service Xtreme fitness products provided me is extremely rare in this day and age..." - Patrick Striet - "For the first time I actually felt it in my glutes!" - S. Stevens - Fitness Enthusiasts all over the World Agree that the Glute Strap is the Best Exercise Accessory for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Butt Exercises. This One-of-a-Kind Glute Strap Immediately Activates Your Glutes while Exercising by Pushing Through the Heel of Your Foot Which is Where all of Your Glute Activation and Glute Growth Comes From by Allowing You to use Heavier Weight in Comfort WITHOUT PAINFULLY DIGGING INTO YOUR ANKLES. - The Large Variety of Glute, Hip, Leg and Core Exercises You can perform with the Glute Strap Gives You the Freedom to Customize Your Workout Experience and Choose How to Enjoy the World's Perfect Butt Lifting Exercise Accessory. - Even after Years of Use, You Will Still be Happy Using the Glute Strap. You'll be the Envy of the Gym While You Continued Building Your Neck Breaking and Eye Catching BUTT - The Glute Strap is UNLIKE any other Ankle Attachments on the Market Today. Once our Competitors Ankle Attachments start to DIG INTO YOUR ANKLE CAUSING YOU MUCH UNCOMFORTABLE PAIN, Feel Free to Come Back and Click (Add to cart) to Purchase Your Glute Strap.

Product Features

Made in the United States of America - Unisex - One Size Fits All - Extremely Comfortable - Easily Handles Up To 300 lbs. in Resistance - Weighs Under 3 Ounces - Fits In Your Pocket - Heavy-Duty Double D-Ring Attachment- 2 Inch ONE OF A KIND HIGH QUALITY Webbing- Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors with Cable-Machines or Resistance-Bands or a Combination of Both to Create the Greatest Challenges For Your Glutes and can be used for upper/ab workouts. The Glute Strap Distinguishes Itself from ALL OTHER Ankle Cuff/Ankle Strap Attachments with this Unique Feature: (ATTACHES to the HEEL of YOUR FOOT so YOUR ANKLE STAYS HEALTHY and INJURY FREE WHILE EXERCISING) - GREAT for Strengthening; Lifting, Shaping, Toning and Building Your Booty, Hips (Adductors/Abductors), Legs, upper body and Core - Boosting your Metabolism - Burning Lots of Body Fat - Increasing Energy - P90x, Insanity, Crossfit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Beachbody, Zumba and All Sports Used By Fitness Enthusiasts of All Ages, Shapes, Fitness Levels and Experience, Athletes, Bodybuilders, Bikini Models, Figure Models, Trainers and Physical Therapists - Great for Physical Therapy Recovery after Torn MCL, Torn ACL and Knee Replacement - Meniscus and Patella Rehab - Isometric and Stabilization Exercises - Improving Mobility YOUTUBE VIDEOS available for our product under "Glute Strap" Tutorials to assist you for your workouts. We Stand by ALL of Our Products and Want to Make Sure that You Are 100% SATISFIED. Made in USA materials & craftsmanship. 100% money back guarantee

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