Weight Loss: Clinic Secrets and Recipes - Eating Clean But Keep It Lean - Brown Bag Lunches: Real Weight Loss Clinic Programme from 5 London Weight Loss ... -Eating Clean But Keep It Lean Book 3)

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Welcome to the best brown bag lunch you have yet to eat.
Why listen to me?
Well, I am a nutritionist with five specialist weight loss clinics.
I help clients to lose weight and keep it off.
If someone pays to come and see me, they expect results. I often have clients for whom I am the last resort: They have tried to go it alone, they have tried group programmes, they may even have tried various therapies. They have probably struggled with their weight for years. Some also have a history of addictions or recreational drug use which, in my experience can cause long term low grade depression or be part of a compulsive streak, both of which can result in over-eating.
I do have clients for whom weight is only a very recent issue. Some lucky women don’t have to worry about their weight in their teens, twenties or even thirties. But as menopause approaches so their appetite increases, driven by hormonal changes. Suddenly, they can’t get into any of their clothes.
Others have worked so hard to be slim, over-exercising or ruthlessly sticking to 1000 calories a day, that it has affected their overall well being. I now have clients who, thanks to the wonders of technology, are ruled by their FitBits, the wrist bands that measure the number of steps you do a day and even the quality of your sleep. Fitbiters can become totally fixated on inputting calorie details and reading their results so that it becomes an obsession.
Let’s start with what my lunch recipes do not contain: There are no mass-manufactured crisp breads, no factory-produced low fat fruit yoghurts and no awful polystyrene rice cakes. That is traditional brown bag lunch diet food – dull, artificial and joyless. If you want that kind of brown bag lunch food, you need read a different recipe book. The one you’re looking for is called “Eat Processed Diet Punishment Junk For Lunch: For Low Energy and Poor Results”.
Since you are reading this, I think it is safe to assume that you are a bit more aspirational than that.
The recipes in this book include:
•Home-made pitta pockets with Thai-style Crayfish and Cucumber
•Turkey and Cranberry on Spelt and Seed Loaf sandwich
•Marakesh Chicken Salad on Buckwheat Bread
•Prawn Cocktail Wrap
•Middle Eastern Chickpea, Coconut and Spinach Lunchpot
•Provencal Tuna and Ratatouille Lunchpot
•Sweet and Sour Pork Lunchpot
That sound like a good lunch, don’t you think?
What you will gain from this book:
1.The recipes and knowledge to make your clean eating and weight loss efforts a success, based on my expertise as a nutritionist with five weight loss clinics in London;
2.Simple, delicious recipes that are tried and tested in my weight loss clinics to help you get and stay lean;
3.Everyday ingredients, no faddy things you have never heard of; and
4.Encouragement to commit to this supportive, sustainable way of eating. No three juices a day and starvation. Real, nutritious food to help you look great, prevent disease and age well.
It works for my clients and it can work for you.
Before I explain how my programme works, there are two bonus books that you can download at the end of the book. If you download the preview, you can get one of the bonuses now by going to www.threepeaspublishing.com/alcoholfreedrinks. This is a free book about what to drink when you are not drinking. Further detail in this book near the end but you can read it now via our website.
How this book can help
This book is part of a series that offers the kind of recipes that can help you get your eating clean while also getting you lean. The raw ingredients for the most part are familiar ‘normal’ foods. It’s the balance of your meals that really matters – the right ratio of lean protein, healthy fats and slow release carbs.
So the changes you are going to be asked to make aren’t massive and the recipes are definitely not punishment eating. But, you do have to want to make positive food choices. Are you ready?


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