Physical Therapy Stretching Straps with 10 or 12 Loops for Yoga - Stretch Exercise Equipment for Hamstring Leg Foot Workout, Ballet, Fitness Bands - Cotton Pilates Rope Stretcher Out for Mat by Liryo

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Manufacturer Description

Why is the bamboo cooling towel useful ?

We made our cooling towel with a combination of materials: 40% bamboo charcoal fiber and 60% polyester for you to feel cool and in the same time comfortable for several hours when you do outdoor sports.

Bamboo fibers feels soft on the skin, absorb faster and more thoroughly than cotton, no pollution, no static, lightweight design, no odor, anti mite and antibacterial and with the help of polyester the cooling time lasts longer.

Medical aspects: can be used to reduce the temperature of fever, cold compress for scald, analgesic and refreshing, summer sunstroke prevention and cooling for adult and child.

Can be used for outdoor sports, such as running, yoga, fitness, pilates and others activities, perfect for anyone engaged in sports or outwork. Use on neck, head or other body hot zones.

Need help stretching, with support or alignment?

If so, Liryo Yoga Strap is for you

Go for the feeling, not the performance! The aim is to stretch and relax the muscle.

You will want to look for a material that will be comfortable and not feel like it is cutting your skin! So, we made our stretch strap from cotton and it's an excellent choice because it's not slippery, soft on the skin but firm enough to hold your poses and lasts a long time.

Using a non elastic strap can help you assume the proper shape, particularly with hamstring stretches, because it gives you something to hold onto and provides tension. When it is used correctly, the strap can also help you keep your spine straight while you hold different positions.

Extremely portable easily rolled up for convenience, lightweight, easy carry to anywhere.

Some yoga poses can seem confusing at first and no matter what yoga skill level you have, our yoga straps will make difficult postures a reality for you!

Product Features

YOU GET MUCH MORE: special bundle now - Premium Liryo Stretch Strap coming to you with a FREE Bamboo Cooling Towel size 12 x 40 inch, an Exercise Poster and eBook with the best workout exercises, all in a Carrying Bag to easy take them with you at the gym or away from home SO EASY TO USE, ANYONE CAN DO IT: Start living a healthy life! Increase your flexibility and improve your balance all with one product. It's like having your own stretching coach doing all the work for you OUTSTANDING QUALITY that beats the competition. Our exercise straps are tested by yoga instructors, sports professionals and physical therapists. Using such an amazing strap you will not only feel better you will look better MULTIPLE USES: Our Non Elastic Exercise Strap is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Fitness and also recommended for Physical therapy at home. Designed for both women and men with 1.2 inches wide and 10 Loops (6 feet) or 12 Loops (7 feet) AVOID INJURY: Feels amazing on your skin! We designed our strap for stretching to be more comfortable, using Natural Cotton we made it soft to the touch, but in the same time not slippery

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