Ketogenic Diet: Weight Loss For Beginners and How to avoid mistakes (cookbook guide + free day plan with tasty recipes)

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Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet

One of the most used, yet not or very rarely understood diet. Can you imagine eating eggs with bacon every morning and still lose fat and gain muscles? Sounds good right? But it is not that easy, as it sounds because you can not just simply avoid carbs because our body needs carbs and simple sugar for basic functions for example thinking. In this book, you will learn how to avoid these mistakes and how to slowly get to ketogenic diet without harming your digestive organs or even worse, your own brain. Beginners are destroying their bodies and insulin sensitivity by hard headily avoiding carbs drastically day to day which is an enormous mistake. In this book, you will find out how to avoid all of these mistakes and how to slowly get your body into ketosis.

Mike Bray

An avid admirer of the human body and a careful observer of its multiple functions, a person who has hands on training and diet experience and is devoted to sharing all this knowledge he has acquired with all of you, is your guide that will explicitly walk you through the process of ketogenic diet

Why THIS book about ketogenic diet?

Maybe you ask yourself, why should you buy THIS book when there are so many books about ketogenic diet? Well, because most of the other books about this particular diet give you basically same information that you can find elsewhere on the internet, which is only theories and hypothesis how it SHOULD work, but this one is fully supported by experiences of athletes and bodybuilders, so you can find not only basic information, but you will get deeper knowledge about ketogenic diet.

What is the content of the book?

Short and educating, brief but comprehensive, ideal for both men and women, beginners or experienced athletes, this book will offer you diet tips, how to avoid mistakes, deeper information about ketosis and ketogenic diet itself, which you did not know, free recipes with all nutrition information and also day plan full of tasty yet healthy recipes so that you can easily make your own in your house without long hours searching on the internet through articles that are not accurate full of theoretical rabbiting about nothing. Do not waste your time like this, I bet you can use it better.

Book full of interesting information, which can be used for medical use as well as for muscle gain and weight loss without making unnecessary mistakes and many How-to tips and tricks, yet still written in very simple English so not only beginners in ketogenic diet, but also beginners in English are going to clearly understand meaning of this book, because Mike Bray is known to avoid biological terms and jargon so that everyone gets to point of his books. Let´s make a short summary what will you get or learn by buying this book

Summary of what you get by buying this book:

  • Ketogenic diet informations
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Plans for beginners
  • Informations for experienced athletes
  • Cookbook guide
  • Tasty recipes with nutritions
  • Day plan for you
  • GENERAL and not only cheesy knowledge about ketogenic diet and it´s functions

You are only one step away from getting all of this and start changing your life step by step. Our body is the only place where we are forced to live, so why not start with weight loss so that you will feel better? As well, there is a gift hidden for YOU! See if you can find it on your own! So what are you still waiting for?

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