Highest Grade & Potency CLA Supplement Through Safflower Oil - Natural Softgels & Extra Purity for Strength & Bio-availability - Guaranteed By Huntington Labs

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Manufacturer Description

Get rid of fat the natural way! Our Pure CLA Supplement is a potent solution to stubborn love handles. It is the perfect addition to any weight loss plan, and is effective for both men and women. If you've been disappointed by how slow your progress is, despite spending hours at the gym and eating healthily, then it's time for a real change. How does CLA work, and why is it so popular? CLA is an amino acid that you can find in some seeds, meat, and dairy products. In our supplement's case, we extract it from pure safflower oil, which is one of the best sources. Not only does this amino acid increase your metabolism, it keeps fat cells from growing larger by blocking specific enzymes. This is what helps accelerate your slimming progress to new levels. Taking CLA supplements has other health benefits too. Studies suggest that regular CLA intake may reduce bad cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, and increase energy levels. If you want to feel at your best even while getting rid of your body's extra flab, then this is definitely the product you're looking for. Perhaps the most amazing characteristic of CLA is that it can help you retain (and even increase) lean body mass during your dieting period. We all know how hard it is to keep your muscles when at a caloric deficit, and some weight loss pills actually burn your precious lean mass too. This CLA supplement helps you keep your muscles in top shape, so you truly get a sexier, toned body. Do you check where your supplements come from? Huntington Labs is a brand that is fully committed to product quality. We manufacture exclusively within the United States, and make customer service our highest priority. You can count on us to provide the best weight loss solutions.

Product Features

Burn fat fast - Huntington Labs offers a potent and all-natural fat burning supplement. Made from the purest CLA (extracted from safflower oil), this weight loss pill helps your body shed fat at impressive speed - no additional effort required. Natural weight loss results - CLA is a natural amino acid that is found in various foods, and has well documented fat burning effects. Its potency has been tested and proven by multiple scientific studies, so you know that it's the real thing. Burn the fat, keep your muscles - Some weight loss pills may help you lose weight, but consume lean body mass too. CLA is different; it specifically zeroes in on body fat, while leaving your muscles intact. Look forward to a stronger, sexier body. Maintain energy levels throughout the day - Have you ever wanted to work out, but felt too tired to go to the gym? Our CLA pills help keep your energy levels up during your diet, so you can exercise properly and be productive the entire day. Certified first-class quality - Our products are exclusively manufactured in the United States, where they go through incredibly strict quality control. We want our customers to enjoy the purest and most potent supplements available.

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