BODY IGNITE Weighted Slam Ball for Exercise, Black 10 Ib - Heavy, Rubber Medicine Ball for Strength Training and Cardio - No Bounce, Dead Weight Slam Ball for at-Home Gym Equipment and Accessories

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Manufacturer Description


🏋Staying in the best shape means staying committed, challenging yourself & changing up your routine. While BODY IGNITE can't help you with the first hurdle, we certainly can with the other two.Hold our heavy-weight slam ball while performing squats, sit-ups, or abdominal work. The added weight and will challenge your main stabilizing & balancing muscles, so you'll enjoy a full-body workout.


🤸BODY IGNITE is a renowned exercise gear and accessories company that is moving toward higher-end, premium-quality fitness equipment. With our line of dead weight medicine balls, you can bring your workouts to new heights and diversify your routines so that you're stronger, more powerful, have higher levels of energy, and look better.


🏋Slam balls are fantastic exercise tools at increasing strength, endurance and stamina. You can use them as weight lifts to build muscle or incorporate them into your plyometric exercises for building power. Increase your aerobic capacity and performance by incorporating the Body Ignite heavy medicine ball into running, jumping, throwing, and burst drills.


🤸Using superior, highly-durable PVC material loaded with sand, these versatile fitness balls were specifically designed to withstand high-endurance, fast speeds, and surfaces with no give. The outside shell is fashioned for a no-slip grip, so it won't fly out of your hands when slippery or sweaty.


🏆Built for fun and functionality, these heavy duty workout balls make great home gym equipment or for commercial, public use.
Get the body you've always wanted with the BODY IGNITE Workout Slam Ball Collection!


👉Product Details:One Slam Ball

👉Inner Material: Sand

👉Outer Material: PVC

👉Size: 9" Diameter

👉Weight: 10, 15, or 20 lbs

👉Color: Black

Product Features

SPICE UP YOUR WORKOUTS : Optimizing your fitness level and ability requires trying new things to challenge your body. Change-up your typical weight-lifting routine or floor exercises by incorporating the BODY IGNITE hard exercise ball. Hold our heavy-weight slam ball while performing squats, sit-ups, or russian twists. The added weight and shape will challenge both your main and stabilizing muscles, so you'll enjoy a full-body workout.

INCREASE SPEED , POWER , AND CARDIO ENDURANCE : These heavy exercise balls are ideal for fitness programs or classes that incorporate plyometrics and quick bursts of power such as crossfit, kickboxing and TRX. Using them while doing box jumps, long jumps, or sprints can significantly improve both your anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Much easier to use then regular hand weights or dumbells, you'll see results in no time.

FINALLY GET THAT COVETED BEACH BODY: At Body Ignite, we don't believe that there is such thing as the "perfect body" but we believe there is a perfect body for what YOU aspire toward. This heavy workout ball is bound to move you in that direction. With a rivet shell to assure a firm, non-slippery grip, this functional training equipment is easy to use, easy to manage, and requires no batteries, electricity, or a manual, making it perfect for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. THE BODY IGNITE GUARANTEE OF APPROVAL: When we say quality is our top-priority, we mean it! And that includes customer service. We want our customers to love our slamming balls so much that you'll recommend them to all your friends. If these small gym balls don't meet your standards or there is a defect, return them within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

HIGH-QUALITY, PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Our slam spike ball is superior to others because we place quality above everything else. With 10 years of personal training experience under our belt, we value high-functioning, high-performing exercise equipment. Built using exceptionally sturdy PVC and sand, these medicine training balls were MADE for slamming. Wherever or whatever you are using these multifunctional, body conditioning balls for, they will outlast every throw, hit, and slam.

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