Athletic Running Belt: Keep Your Cell Phone & Key Safe, Have a Hands-Free Workout! Road Jogging & Hiking Pouch. Men & Women Light Weighted Waist Band. Fitness & Sports Pouches w/ Large Pocket & Zipper

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Manufacturer Description

Don't put phones or other sporting accessories in your shorts or pants pockets where they may fall out and break!

The Running Belt by TIFTAF is designed to keep all your gear secure while you workout!

No matter what sport you prefer, the Running Belt will keep your belongings safe and dry. The Running Belt has a waterproof pouch with a high quality zipper for your cell phone and other gear. Workout in rain or cold winter conditions without worry, the Running Belt will keep your gear unharmed.

The fanny pack type design is small and light with room for what you need but without the weight of a large backpack. The fanny pack pocket is weighted perfectly to spread weight across your waist and stay put! It won't bounce or slip. No matter what fitness activity you do, the belt will stay comfortable and move with you

We know you'll love this belt:

🏃 It is fully adjustable for all body types

🏃 It will fit adult men, women and even kids!

🏃 You can wear it under or over a shirt as the straps adjust - one variation from 26'' to 29'' inch and another variation from a 32'' to 48''

🏃Your keys will not get lost or scratch your phone when stored in the special compartment with a clip

🏃 Comfort and durability during exercise is provided by the high quality Nylon and Spandex materials

TIFTAF stands behind their products, but don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs that won't last. Only the Running Belt by TIFTAF offers the high level of quality you need! TIFTAF cannot be responsible for the poor quality running belts sold by other companies

Any runner would appreciate the Running Belt as a gift. It works for all sporting activities, such as: hunting, fishing, jogging, cycling, training, and hiking; even extreme sports! No matter what athletic activity you enjoy, the Running Belt by TIFTAF is the best option!

Don't wait, get yours today!

Product Features

RUN OR WORKOUT IN COMFORT! THE RUNNING BELT WILL NOT SLIP OR BOUNCE: Made with Nylon and Spandex, it's adjustable to fit both men and women, even girls and boys! The straps can be adjusted from Small to a Large OR from Large to XX-Large. Most belts move and bounce distracting you during a workout, but not TIFTAF's. The fanny pack pocket is weighted evenly across your waist and fits securely to stay put. It will hold snuggly in place when hunting, fishing, jogging, cycling, training and hiking NEVER LET RAIN OR COLD WINTER CONDITIONS STOP YOUR EXERCISE, TIFTAF'S RUNNING BELT WON'T LET YOUR GEAR GET WET. Keep your iPhone or android safe in the waterproof zipper pocket. The Running Belt's water and sweat proof pouch closes with a high quality zipper to keep your cell phone and other gear dry. Hit the trail or road in any weather. Backpacks are large and heavy, but the Running Belt is a small and light holder for all your athletic needs. Take it along to your runs for maximum comfort DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO FIT YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO ANNOYING ARMBANDS, TIFTAF GIVES YOU STORAGE FOR YOUR PHONE, KEYS AND MONEY. You won't lose a thing once you have the belt with the special key clip! Accessing your phone or other gear is easy with the zipper pouch in the running belt. It's so convenient and fashionable you'll want to use it when you travel, leaving your backpack at home! Whether you hit the trails or the gym, the Running Belt is the only one for all your sports activities! NEVER BUY ANOTHER WAISTBAND AGAIN! THE DURABLE WATERPROOF BLACK NYLON AND SPANDEX IS MADE TO LAST: TIFTAF only uses the highest quality materials for its products making sure your running belt will stay durable and strong for years. Made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex with a special water-proof coating, the material won't wear out. Even extreme sweat and rain are no match for the Running Belt's high quality! Plus it's easy to care for; the rubber belt and strong buckle work both wet and dry BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH TIFTAT'S 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Other pack type pouches may be disappointing, but the TIFTAF Running Belt won't wear out and will last for a long time! The high quality Running Belt comes with a 30 day money-back, satisfaction guarantee. Any runner and biker would love the belt and you will too! Suitable for use by adult men and women; it may even be worn by a child. Don't wait, get yours today, or get it for your loved ones as a useful gift!

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